There comes a time, in a businesses life, that they have to make a choice.

Hire someone OR completely wig out every time another order comes in, because you still have another full time job, and you didn't expect things to go this well so quickly, and you want to focus on marketing, but you can't because all these orders are coming in, so you're spending time packing and sending bangles and responding to customer queries, which is great but your anxiety is through the roof because now it's like you're running TWO full time businesses which is both awesome and completely terrifying.

I've been doing the latter for a few weeks now, and seeming as though our growth isn't showing any times of slowing down (and I also run another company), SO I NEED SOME HELP!

Are you the Customer Happiness Guru & Packing Ninja I've been looking for? 

I'm on the hunt for an incredible customer happiness guru who is passionate about making people feel good. Your job will involve serving the men and women in our community, and ensuring they get their gorgeous bangles on time and feel loved up and cared for in the process. It's a casual position - $19.00 an hour - and you'll be working out of my home office in Fitzroy North.

To apply

1. Download the position description here.

2. Read it and make sure it sounds like you.

3. Submit your application here : 

Like what you see?

Then join us! We're not just going to send you photos of pretty bangles - we're sharing the journey of building this business. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Oh, and you'll get 10% off your first order too.

June 14, 2016 by Chantelle Baxter



Steph said:

Hi! Is it too late to apply for this position? Have just seen it and it sounds amazing!! Steph

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