We're Hiring! Are you the Production Manager & Logistics Guru of our Dreams?

The time has come to add another amazing person to the Be. Team. And it's actually come a little earlier than I anticipated, but that's life huh? We're looking for a Production Manager! 

Are you our dream girl? Or boy? Or lady? Or woman? Or doctor? Or whatever label you want to put on yourself. Seriously, don't care. 

We’re a small business and we’re on the hunt for an incredible Production Manager who knows how to get shit done. Your job will involve recruiting and working with a team of bangle packers to make sure our bangles are packed beautifully, efficiently and on time (amongst other things).

It's a casual position, and you'll be working out of a home in Ocean Grove. Hours will range from 1 - 8 hours per week, however if the business keeps growing this quickly it may increase to up to 16 hours per week! 

To apply

1. Download the position description here.

2. Read it and make sure it sounds like you.

3. Submit your application here : https://journeyofbe.typeform.com/to/qg4Rd4

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