We usually get messages about this once a week.

“Hey there, I’m wondering if you can do personalised bangles? My best friend and I want our favourite saying put on one - but we can’t find it anywhere. We love your bangles so much! Could you make a custom one for us?”

I want this.

You guys have no idea how much we wish we could say yes. Like, really.

I Wish

If we could we’d be billionaires!

I'm really rich

Okay, millionaires.

Kind of Rich

Alright.. thousandaires…

Help me I'm poor

Whatever, the point being is that we’d LOVE to be able to do this. But we can’t.


Because our bangles aren’t made my hand. They’re made by machine using special moulds - and that’s how we get all of the letters so precise and perfect EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Ice Cream Machine

Kind of like that ice cream machine. But for bangles. 

Bangles again.

See that precise lettering? It isn’t done by hand.

It's done by machine.

And for each bangle we make, we need to create a new mould for the machine.

My Precious

Let’s say we choose a new saying.. Like, “You’ve Got This”.

We have to make 4 new moulds, at a cost of $100 AUD per mould.

  1. Small
  2. Regular
  3. Large
  4. Extra Large.

Each mould has the same saying (You’ve Got This), but the sizes are different.

So that’s 4 moulds at a cost of $400.

After that we have to order a minimum run of each size - the lowest we can go is 30 bangles for each size. So that’s a minimum of 120 new bangles for the first run.


After we’ve got our 120 bangles made, we need to make the bag for it.


The bags need a new screen print with the saying “You’ve Got This” - and that new screen print costs us another $50.

THEN we need to make the bags. Once again there is a minimum order of 100 bags per size.

So that’s 400 bags to go with our 120 bangles.



We do it this way because we like everything to be precise and perfect. When you order a Be. Bangle, you know exactly what you’re going to get every time, because our process is designed that way. For consistency and perfection.

If you really really really want a personalised bangle, you can jump on Etsy - there are lots of people making bangles / bracelets by hand.

They’re hand stamped, so each one is unique - it’s got more of a hand made feel - because, well, it’s hand made.


Will we ever do custom bangles?



If someone is looking to buy 200+ custom bangles, then *maybe* we would consider a custom order - but those one off pieces? Sorry guys. That's not how we roll.

Bye Felicia

We're not in the business of custom bangles. We really do wish we could do it, but we'd essentially have to change the way we do everything. And it's kinda working. So we can't do that.

To apologise profusely for our short comings and flaws, we'll have new sayings released monthly from now on - and if you wanna see what we do have - just head to our shop

Muchos gracias, 

Chantelle and Lauren xx 

Be. Bangles

Like what you see?

Then join us! We're not just going to send you photos of pretty bangles - we're sharing the journey of building this business. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Oh, and you'll get 10% off your first order too.

July 28, 2017 by Chantelle Baxter



Nichole said:

Love you guys just the way you are ?❤️


Kim said:

Love your work…

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