Want to Be. in the Next Be. video?

That's good because we want you.

Our next Bangle is being released in just a couple of weeks, and we're looking for faces from the women in our Be. community who want to be a part of it.

To participate you need 4 things.

1. A face

2. A smart phone

3. A friend / family member who can film you

4. Be tech savvy enough to send us your video before the Monday 22nd October at 6pm (AEST) (all the instructions are below).

What is the video about?

We don't want to give away too much, but in short, it's a video for any woman who has been abused, bullied, assaulted and overcome by any insane circumstances life has thrown at her. It will form a part of the release of our next bangle.

We want to show that there are SO MANY WOMEN out there who are standing for something more. And standing for the belief they THEY ARE ENOUGH - no matter what they've been through.

How do I participate?

Well, if you're seeing this page - it means you've written to us because you're interested! So now we just need two short video clips from you with two different faces.

Sample of the faces we need.

Step by Step Instructions

Please watch through each of these videos before you start filming! The timing of each video is listed. If your video doesn't follow these guidelines, we may not be able to use it!

1. Grab your phone and a person who can film you (50 sec instructional video).

2. Find a good location and time around your workplace or home to film (1 min 38 sec instructional video).
As I say in the video - morning, afternoon or early evening is the best time to film. You'll get the best natural light and look your best!

3. Avoid this 1 mistake people often make when filming (29 sec instructional video).

4. Film the TWO faces that we need. A stern / serious face and a happy / empowered face (2 min 15 sec instructional video).

Please remember we need you to shoot in Landscape format, making eye contact with the lens, from the shoulders up, with at least 2 - 4 seconds of each shot). 1 x stern / serious / sad shot and 1 x happy / empowered / smiling shot.

5. Send Chantelle the film using wetransfer.com - access the website from your phone, (you don't need the app), and email your video or videos to cb@bebangles.co. (50 sec instructional video)

That email again is cb@bebangles.co. Thank you so much for participating! 

We will get back to you when the video goes live! If your footage isn't able to be used, we will let you know. But if you follow all the instructions, you should be right as rain :)