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Courage. Honesty. Respect.

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My Davo has FOMO.

Hates to miss out. Hates to not be included.

So when I brought BE he said what about the blokes?

Don't we get a bangle too? A larger fit that's a little less shiny.
You should call it The Mangle.

(Now before I get 100 emails about sexist marketing and toxic masculinity this is meant to be a fun play on words. That's it. We aren't excluding Men from our current range nor are we suggesting anyone cant wear this cuff as we know a lot of customers prefer a cuff style. Please direct all hate mail to Davo).

And so after many samples and running around the streets of Ocean Grove asking every random person to try it on, we present ..

The Mangle.
A Matt Black stainless steel cuff with subtle text in one size that fits everyone. (well everyone who has tried it!). And AGAIN it's certainly not just for Men. Anyone who likes a cuff style or wants a larger fitting option will love this too!

So this one is for you Davo...
For always supporting me.
For being my biggest cheerleader.
And for being so FOMO that it inspired a new product.