It's nearly that time of year! And for most that means anxiously waiting at the mailbox for the presents you've ordered to arrive.

Particularly this year, with COVID and Aus Post generally being much more overloaded then usual, we recommend getting your gifts organised ASAP!

To make it easier, here's a guide for postage cut-off times. If you want your order before Christmas, make sure you check out the table below!

Domestic Post

Shipping Service


Registered Post Friday 10th December
Parcel Post

Friday 10th December

Express Post

Friday 17th December

International Post

Please note if your country is not listed below that means the cut-off time has already passed (crazy, right?!). If you desperately need a bangle for Christmas, please contact us and we can give you some quotes for Express International Post (cut-off for this is 23 November for USA, Canada, UK and Europe, and December 2nd for New Zealand and most of Asia).



New Zealand Friday 27th November


This is just a guide only and we can't make definite guarantees your order will arrive in time (it's just the way the postal system is right now). But we will make sure to get these sent out by the cut-off times.