I swear like a fucking sailor

It’s not the first time it’s happened.

“I would’ve liked this post better if it didn’t have any swearing in it.” stated one of our Facebook fans.

I pondered the message for a moment, then quickly responded.

“Sorry hun, you’ve come to the wrong place. We swear like fucking sailors here.”

[ Enter ]

A niggling piece of doubt lingered in my mind.

Yikes - had I said the wrong thing?

Isn’t the customer / fan / supporter always right?

Well. If the last few years have taught me anything - it’s no. They aren’t always right. Especially when you’re ignoring your own values or beliefs to try and please them.

Prior to Be. Bangles, I ran another company - and I spent a lot of time pretending to be something that I wasn’t to keep other people happy.

I tried dulling myself and shaving off my edges to fit in more. I kept my mouth shut. Tried not rock the boat. Turned myself inside out to make others comfortable. It may have made other people happy, but it made me fucking miserable.

So when I founded Be. it was going to be on a foundation of integrity. Of owning who I was, and giving women the space to own who they are too. Because in a world where we’re bombarded by photoshopped images of models and ‘influencers’, where our facebook and instagram feeds are carefully curated with pictures of happy families and enviable travel shots - I think we all need a little bit more real.

Coz hey, life isn’t always a fucking fairytale.

Be. was built on the premise that we’d never pretend to be something we’re not. That's the entire Be. Philosophy! Be yourself and OWN all the parts of you. The light and the dark. Yep, even the bits others deem as unacceptable.

You’ve got to stay true to your values and who you are - even if who you are is a sweary, green smoothie drinking, might sometimes work in pyjamas - okay, often works in pyjamas - kind of girl.

I swear when I talk. My business partner swears when she talks.

In fact, not too long ago we were considering a bangle engraved with the saying,

“Try Not To Be A Cunt”.

Try Not To Be A Cunt

To some that may be insanely inappropriate, but to us it’s just hilarious - especially when we started to think of some of the cunty people we might send that bangle too. (Donald Trump we’re looking at you).

And perhaps on the days we’re being cunts, we could look down at our bangles and inspire ourselves to be a little less cunty. (hehe).

The reality is you can’t please everyone.

But the people we do attract will love the fact that we drop f-bombs and c-bombs every now and then. They’ll be people who love the rawness and authenticity of our posts.

Why do you think our best selling bangle is “Be The Shiniest Fucking Unicorn In The Room”?

The bangle would be way less popular (and much less impactful) if we’d removed the f-bomb.

Be. Bangles stack

And if you don’t like the profanity, don’t stress sista! That’s what the unfollow / unlike button is for! No harm done! There are lots of other inspirational jewellery sites that don’t swear.

At the end of the day, we’re here to remind you that it’s okay to be who you are.

Between the messages we get from the media, advertising, societal expectations, family expectations, and the pressure we put on ourselves, it’s no wonder we can be a crazy, anxious bunch.

That’s why we stopped giving a fuck about what people think of us. Why should we hide our potty mouth magic just to make someone else a little less uncomfortable?

 Behold the field in which I grow my fucks

Harvest your field of fucks. Keep it barren and enjoy your fucking life.

It’s too short to be something you’re not.

You’re amazing, just as you are.

Swear words and all.

Like what you see?

Then join us! We're not just going to send you photos of pretty bangles - we're sharing the journey of building this business. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Oh, and you'll get 10% off your first order too.

July 23, 2017 by Chantelle Baxter


Deborah Grant

Deborah Grant said:

Love your work! Be who you are!


Nardia said:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the Try not to be a cunt bangle! I would buy it for me and a couple for my BFFs! #loveit #funnyasfuck


Willow said:

I love your bangles and I swear like a sailor too! (Just not around my mum!) I have a few of your bangles and love them but I wonder if you’ve thought of doing simple stud earrings and pendant type necklaces to compliment the bracelets? I would buy them :)


Raylene said:

Please make the “Try not to be a cunt” bangle. Pleeaaaase ???? I would buy at least 3 of them!

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