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Bangle Hall of Fame

Gone, but not forgotten. Here are the bangles we've had in the past. They served us well and now they have been laid to rest. If you have one of these bangles, you have yourself a piece of history.

And Still We Rise

Bushfire charity bangle

Dear 2020, Wrong Hole

Essential AF

Everything I Am You Helped Me To Be

F*cking Fierce

Now available in full sweary glory

I Am Enough

I Am No Longer Available For Things That Make Me Feel Like Shit


I Stopped Waiting For The Light At The End Of The Tunnel And Lit That Bitch Up Myself

If You Can Read This, You're Too Fucking Close



In A World Full Of Copycats, Be A Glitter Farting Unicorn


Kindness Is Free, Sprinkle That Shit Everywhere

Let Your Light Shine

Live What You Love

Motherhood: Powered By Love, Sustained By Wine

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Not For Self, But For All

Bushfire charity bangle

Praise Be, Bitches

She Needed A Hero, So That's What She Became

She Said 'Fuck This Shit' And Lived Happly Ever After - Drunk Sarah bangle

Speak, Even If Your Voice Shakes

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History

Zero Fucks Given

Is there a saying you wish we'd bring back? Let us know!

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