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Shipping Information


So you’ve just placed your order and CAN’T WAIT to receive your bangles. We get ya. However, our little bangles need to travel a few kilometres, and maybe traverse mountains, sneak over borders and even cross oceans to reach you. That can take some time, so we’ve created this little guide to hopefully ease your mind while we work hard to get your order sent to you.

The order process 

Step one - The Bang Order: you pick out your bangs of choice and make an order. Nikki does a lil' dance and throws confetti every time a new order comes through. Yes, that means our office is perpetually covered in confetti… and we’re dancing all the time (in between packing orders and writing copy for T&Cs that you actually want to read)

Please make sure your shipping address is 100% correct, and double check the bangle before confirming your order. We hold no responsibility for incorrect addresses or wrong products purchased. Please email us at within 24 hours of placement of order if you notice a mistake, however we can make no promises that we can change the order before shipping. 

Step two - Let’s Get Packing: On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we will lovingly pack your order and get it ready for shipping. For Parcel, Express and International Post, our cut off time is 3pm as our friendly neighbourhood Australia Post courier comes and collects these orders. For Registered Post we have a little more time as we drop these off to the post office at the end of the day.  

Once we dispatch your order, you will receive a shipment notification with the tracking details. Keep an eye out for that email and track it via the Australia Post website.

Step 3 - The Waiting Game: Shipping estimates are as follows (only estimates - not guarantees)

Shipping Method

Estimated Delivery Time (From date of dispatch not date of order)

Registered Post

5 - 7 Business Days

Parcel Post

4 - 7 Business Days

Express Post

2 - 4 Business Days

International Post

14 - 25 Business Days

Once dispatched, your order is in the hands of the sometimes-reliable Australia Post (no hate but also kinda hate - they did send the burnt remains of bangles to our customers that one time…) So we can’t make any promises that your order will arrive according to the above timeline. We can only hope and keep our fingers crossed for you.

If the delivery timeline has exceeded those estimates by a further 14 business days, please email us and we’ll get in touch with Australia Post to see WTF they have done with it. 

Step 4 - The Bang Arrives! Woo hoo! Once your bangle arrives, rip it open and bask in the awe of your order *cue Angelic music and light beaming down on your order*

Wear your bangles and celebrate...and maybe make another order (no such thing as ENOUGH bangles right?!)

If sadly there is something not quite right with your order (we’re SUPER sorry if that’s the case but in between the confetti dance celebrations and packing orders, mix ups can happen - we’re only humans after all), please email us at with your issue and we will work to get it sorted out as quickly as we can.

Bangle doesn’t fit? Please have a read of our Refund policy. We aren’t currently offering exchanges but we accept returns/refunds.

A note about international orders

Once your parcel leaves Australia and arrives in your country, you should be able to then track it locally via your local postal service (ie. USPS for USA, Royal Mail for UK). They will probably have more information about your parcel than Australia Post. 

Duties and Taxes -  Some countries will charge duties and taxes on your order. Be. Bangles holds no responsibility for these charges and it is the responsibility of the receiver to pay them. We are aware that UK in particular will charge duties. Please keep this in mind if you are getting your bangles sent overseas (if it’s a gift we suggest getting it sent to you in Aus then organising shipping on your side as you can declare it as a gift).


When we do a custom order we make the bangle just for you. And that takes time, usually around 7 days.

Please note: If you order an in-stock bangle as well as a custom bangle, we won’t send your order until all items are available to send. 


Sometimes we are waiting for stock to arrive so we put bangles on pre-order. This means they will be sent as soon as they arrive. When we do a pre-order we will include details about delivery timelines, usually around 3 -  4 weeks. We’ll always try to keep you updated on the status of the pre-orders. 

Please note: If you order an in-stock bangle as well as a pre-order bangle, we won’t send your order until all items are available to send. So if you want a bangle urgently,  we’d suggest ordering the in-stock bangle and pre-order bangle separately.


Other general shipping’s FAQ’s

My order was returned to you!  What do I do now?

This sometimes happens if you don’t collect your parcel in time or, if you’re overseas, you didn’t pay the duties and taxes in time, so make sure you keep a close eye on your tracking (as sometimes Aus Post mail notices go missing…) to see what’s happening. You will have to wait for the order to be returned to us before we can arrange to ship it again or refund you.

To get your item resent, you will need to pay for shipping. We’ll provide you with the price (usually around $8 for domestic, and $15 international) and then we will get it shipped to you once you have paid.

I bought a bangle during a sale but it’s the wrong size/style, what can I do?

We are usually unable to offer exchanges or refunds for bangles purchased during a Sale. Sorry! But send us an email and if we have what you want in stock we will try to help!

I’m a local! Do you offer click and collect?

We sure do - we are based on the Bellarine Peninsula in Ocean Grove so we can organise a local pick up. Just leave us a note on your order and we will be in touch!