Our mission

We are in business to inspire and empower women to who they are and own all the parts of themselves. Even the bits others deem as unacceptable.

We do this so that we can create a movement of passionate, powerful and hella strong women who are living examples of what’s possible in the world when women stay true to who they really are. No matter what anyone else thinks.

Want a unique bang?

Custom bangles available now!

Custom Bangles - Make Your Own Be. Bangles!
Character limits: 90 for standard bangles, 60 for 25/35mm mini bangles, 45 for 18mm mini bangles.

There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they are gone the light remains

Our special bangles in honor of a wonderful person, our founder, Chantelle Baxter. 20% of each bangle sold is donated to four amazing charities.

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Our Values