Fuck Cancer


**With each bangle sold, we’ll be donating $2 to The White Butterfly & The Garvan Institute, in honour of Vanessa Juresic and those impacted by cancer**

The stories we hear at Be. are always held dear to us, but this is one we will forever remember and come back to. I remember when I first heard the story, I started to cry. I wondered how someone who was facing so much, could be so thoughtful and caring at the same time?

Vanessa Juresic was 36 years old and dreamt of having a big family with her partner, and changing the world for the better. 

Instead, her dreams were ripped away by a devastating diagnosis; cancer.

She was diagnosed with Stage Four triple-negative breast cancer, a strain of the disease that does not have any of the three receptors commonly found on breast cancer cells — oestrogen, progesterone or HER2.

It is aggressive and difficult to treat — about 15 per cent of breast cancers are triple-negative — and survival rates are less than 12 months if chemotherapy doesn’t help.

Facing a terminal diagnosis, Vanessa set out to leave what mark she could. Over a period of weeks, she purchased 36 “You’ve Got This” bangles from us. Each bangle was sent to her friends and family, accompanied by a letter - a letter that I didn’t realise came from our bangle page.

“A good friend bought me this bangle last Christmas and I’m taking it with me for strength.

I wanted you to have one too. To wear with me and for your future.

Life never happens on your terms.

It can change in an instant -  and at times, the best thing we can do is hang on for the ride.

I don’t know why the universe hands us the most unfair cards. But what I do know is that we are strong enough to handle this. To move past this. To let go of this. Whatever ‘this’ is.

It’s going to demand something of you. It’s going to take waking up and choosing - every single day - to be bigger than your circumstances.

You can grieve and cry and get angry and break things. You can scream and yell and fight and question everything.

You can do all that, and still wake up the next day and believe with every ounce of your being that you can do this. Whatever that obstacle is in front of you - it CAN be overcome. 

Thank you for helping me get through my ordeal. I’ll always be around to help you through anything you may face.

You’ve Got This, sista.

What an extraordinary woman. While facing her own death, her thoughts were on those who were around her. On what they would be left with when after her passing.

In response, her friends set up a GoFundMe page to help her go on one last adventure but she tragically lost her 15-month battle with breast cancer on May 11. It was her wish that the money would instead go to The Garvin Institute, to aid the important research of her acclaimed oncologist, Elgene Lim, and a staggering $34,490 has since been raised, and the GoFundMe is still running today.

The team at Be. never got the chance to meet Vanessa, but her story and letters show us the extraordinary woman she was. And how brutal cancer can be for anyone who receives the diagnosis. 

So this bangle is for them. For everyone who has lost someone to cancer. For everyone who is going through this battle. For everyone who has passed.

Fuck Cancer.

Fuck. Cancer.

Fuck Cancer - from the day of diagnosis, the treatments that really don’t feel like treatments when you’re going through it, the pain, the waiting, the metastasising. Fuck Cancer for all it is. 

Fuck Cancer for the tragic knowledge that every. single. person. knows someone diagnosed or has lost someone to cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia. 1 in 2 men and women will be diagnosed with some form of it by the age of 85. 

Fuck Cancer for its ability to take away, time and time again.

For anyone suffering today, and for anyone who has lost someone to cancer, we send our love to you. We know there are no right words, but we hope this Fuck Cancer bangle can give you some peace. Wear it knowing hundreds of others will be wearing it too, that we are all there with you. 

With each bangle sold, we’ll be donating $2 to The White Butterfly & The Garvan Institute, in honour of Vanessa.

Vanessa wrote one more letter before she passed away, and it ended up going viral. Here’s Vanessa’s final letter to the world. Get your tissues ready. 


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