She Said 'Fuck This Shit' And Lived HAPPLY Ever After | Drunk Sarah Bangle - Hall Of Fame


PLEASE NOTE: This bangle contains a small typo (HAPPLY instead of HAPPILY), which is why it is being offered at a cheaper price. You've been warned.

ANOTHER NOTE: This is clasp style bangle that eliminates the need for you to base your sizing on your hand. It can be stretched out to fit over wrists instead, fuck yeah!
It's a regular size (63.7mm) when closed, check our sizing guide to make sure it will fit!

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Sarah. On her 25th Birthday, Sarah decided that she was going to let loose a little. She decided to celebrate by doing the one thing she doesn’t often do, and that was drink, A LOT.

So on a Friday night, after a lovely dinner with her prince charming, she gathered her girlfriends and hit the town. All went well. The wine was flowing and she was giddy with happiness. Then the clock struck midnight and she decided it was time to head home, only after finishing her night with 2 tequila shots (good idea, Sarah.)

On her return home, she collapsed into bed and slept soundly. She awoke the next morning, too early, to the sound of her alarm that she forgot to switch off. 

Sarah stretched and then produced a groan of desperate need

“Zrgffcoffeeexcccp.” Sarah will continue to argue that she eloquently asked her prince for coffee, even though he argues it was an incoherent zombie-like grumble.

They continued this conversation for a while, him asking “what do you want?” with her responding with more incoherent sounds.

And then, Sarah perks up, terror lining her eyes.

“OH SHIT. I forgot to send that order to our supplier yesterday.” The order of our new clasp bangle that we were so excited to launch. Yep, she forgot.

She launched out of bed, taking a moment to settle her queasiness, and went right to her computer. She didn’t stop to consider that her hungover state of mind may not be particularly good at checking a complex order form. 

“Hmm… it all looks good.” She mumbled, squinting at the bright light of her laptop screen, and she sent it off. Relieved, she continued on with her day, which consisted of hugging a toilet most of the time.

Flash forward a few weeks later, the order arrives. We check the bangle. And… oh no…

Our gorgeous new clasp bangles, with one slight problem.

‘She said ‘Fuck This Shit’ and Lived HAPPLY ever after.’

HAPPLY. Ever. After.


Sarah was mortified. She couldn’t understand how it was wrong. Then she remembered when she placed the order and it all fell into place.

Luckily, our supplier was able to expedite an order of the CORRECT bangles. But we were still stuck with these. The ‘Happly’ mocking Sarah every time she had to do a stocktake.

Chantelle was more than understanding with this little hiccup. “It’s okay, we can sell them somehow…. Maybe a Drunk Sarah special!”

And so, the Drunk Sarah bangle was born. Exclusive and unique. With only 107 available.

Wear them as a reminder that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to be human and fuck shit up sometimes. 

Sarah drank too much wine and lived Happly ever after (and kept her job, too!) 


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Our bangles are made with love from high quality stainless steel. They are 100% hypoallergenic, and nickel & lead free.

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Clasp bangles

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The clasp fits around 80% of people so it is perfect for gifting!

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