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The Vault Matte Black Cuff | 9 Unique Options

Sale priceAUD $29.00


Quotes available and quantities:

  • 222 Love You XX x 1
  • All The Times
  • A.M.A x 1
  • Do No Harm, But Take No Shit x 1
  • For Ever And Ever, Amen
  • Fuck Cancer Pappa x 2
  • Go Daddy - You Got This x 1 
  • Kindness Is My Go-To, But Fuck Off Is My Wingman x 2
  • I Miss You More Than Life x 1
  • Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys x 1
  • Promise You Will Make It x 1

A reminder these bangles are in very limited quantity and as they are either surplus custom bangles or samples they may not be 100% grammatically accurate*- but that just makes them that much more unique! 

Get in quick, once they are gone - THEY ARE GONE!**

*While we've tried to list the bangles quotes as they exactly are, we are creatures of habit and may have automatically corrected some bangles - just keep this in mind! We're tired and we had to sort through over 200 bangles for this!

**Unless you think the bangle quote in question is THE BEST QUOTE EVER and you think it deserves to be part of our range - message us to let us know.

Note: We are not offering exchanges or returns on these bangles unless they are faulty (ie scratched/damaged).