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The Vault Silver Clearance - Solid Sizes | 57 Unique Options

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Product & Sizing Details

Product details

Our bangles are made with love from high quality stainless steel. They are 100% hypoallergenic, and nickel & lead free.

Size & Fit

If you're not sure what size to choose please use our sizing chart to help you find your way. You'll need to measure the widest part of your hand / knuckle circumference, while your hand is mooshed. (And yes, mooshed is a word). 

If you're still totally stuck, we recommend that you purchase a regular size bangle. We do offer exchanges if it doesn't fit!

Clasp bangles

Thinking of getting one of our clasp style bangles? Great! The clasp style bangle  eliminates the need for you to base your sizing on your hand. It can be stretched out to fit over wrists instead, woo! It's a regular size (63.7mm) when closed. 

The clasp fits around 80% of people so it is perfect for gifting!

Bangle not available in your size or preferred colour? Consider ordering it as a Custom Bangle!




Very limited quantities of different quotes are available in different sizes as follows:

Extra Small

  • Bitches Get Stitches x 1
  • Out The Front Door To The Left x 1
  • I Love You More x 2


  • #Bridetribe x 1
  • All You Have To Do Is Write One True Sentence. Write The Truest Sentence You Know. x 1
  • Beautiful Things Come To Those Who Are Patient x 1
  • Endo Warrior x 1
  • I Am Loved Endlessly x 1
  • I May Sometimes Struggle But I Never Fucking Quit x 1
  • I'm Coming For Everything They Said I Couldn't Have x 5
  • I Stopped Waiting For The Light At The End Of The Tunnel And Lit That Bitch Up Myself x 1 
  • Kindness Is My Go-To, But Fuck Off Is My Wingman x 1 
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished x 1
  • Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys x 8
  • Remember, Nan Is Watching! x 3
  • She Remembered Who She Was And The Game Changed x 1
  • The Past Is A Foreign Country, They Do Things Different There x 2
  • You Are My People x 8
  • You Are Stronger Then You Think, Braver Than You Believe & More Loved Then You Know x 3
  • You've Got This x 1


  • Attitude Is A Choice x 1
  • Be Embody Disrupt Energise Seek Connect Empower Adapt Plan Nourish Touch Adventure Sparkle x 1
  • Be Happy With What You Have While Working For What You Want  x 1
  • Big Life  x 1
  • By Faith In God I Will Overcome x 1
  • Compassion Over Judgement, Curiosity Over Fear x 1
  • Cousins A Little Bit Of Crazy A Little Bit Of Loud And A Whole Lot Of Love  x 1
  • Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Heart x 3
  • Heaven Has Gained A Queen x 1 
  • Her Children Arise And Call Her Blessed x 1
  • I Am No Longer Available For Things That Make Me Feel Like Shit x 1
  • I Am The Silver Lining  x 1 
  • I Stopped Waiting For The Light At The End Of The Tunnel And Lit That Bitch Up Myself x 1
  • Just For Today x 2
  • Life Sucks, Make The Most Of The Good Bits Before You Die! x 10 
  • Little Brave, Breathe x 1
  • Nevertheless She Persisted x 1
  • Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost x 1
  • Pack Of Cunts x 1
  • Shine On You Sarcastic, Perverted, Crazy Drunk Wierdos - Ya'll Are My People x 10
  • Strong, Kind, Beautiful, Capable, Great Mum, Best Friend - You Are My Person, Tequila? x 1
  • The Best Moments In Life Are The Ones By Your Side, Will You Marry Me?  x 1
  • The Way, The Truth, The Life & I Believe x 1 
  • Unfuck Yourself!  x 1
  • We May Be 50 But We Will Be Podium Dancing, Illusion Drinking Moles Forever x 1
  • Why Are You Being A Poo x 1
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder x 1


  • A Conspiracy Of Ravens x 1
  • All You Have To Do Is Write One True Sentence. Write The Truest Sentence You Know. x 1
  • Being With You Is Like Sitting On A Rainbow  x 2
  • Best Self x 1
  • Choose Courage Over Comfort  x 1
  • Fuck Cancer x 2
  • Harden The Fuck Up x 1
  • Harmonise Everything With Infinite Love And Gratitude  x 2
  • Life Is Tough But So Are You   x 1
  • My Soul Sister And Love Warrior x 1
  • No Matter What   x 1
  • Once In A While, Blow Your Own Fucking Mind x 3
  • One Day I'm Going To Make The Onions Cry  x 1
  • When I Count My Blessings, I Count You Twice x 1
  • Yeah Life Is Short We Only Get To Live It Once So Live And Love And Give It All You've Got  x 1

Extra Large

  • And Still We Rise x 1
  • Every Woman's Fears Are Her Own Property   x 1
  • Fuck Yes, It's About Time x 1
  • I Can And I Will x 1
  • I Prefer The Term Educational Rockstar x 1
  • I Will Forever, Equip And Empower Women In Christ!!!  x 1
  • Live, Learn And Do Better x 1
  • You Are My One And Only, My Soulmate, My Best Friend! Marry Me?  x 1
  • You Are My People x 2

XX Large

  • And Yet, Not A Single Fuck Was Given x 1
  • Courage, Honesty, Respect x 1
  • Do No Harm, But Take No Shit x 1
  • Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys x 2

    A reminder these bangles are in very limited quantity and as they are either surplus custom bangles or samples they may not be 100% grammatically accurate*- but that just makes them that much more unique! 

    Get in quick, once they are gone - THEY ARE GONE!**

    *While we've tried to list the bangles quotes as they exactly are, we are creatures of habit and may have automatically corrected some bangles - just keep this in mind! We're tired and we had to sort through over 200 bangles for this!

    **Unless you think the bangle quote in question is THE BEST QUOTE EVER and you think it deserves to be part of our range - message us to let us know.

    Note: We are not offering exchanges or returns on these bangles unless they are faulty (ie scratched/damaged).