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This Is Who I Am - Hall Of Fame

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Product & Sizing Details

Product details

Our bangles are made with love from high quality stainless steel. They are 100% hypoallergenic, and nickel & lead free.

Size & Fit

If you're not sure what size to choose please use our sizing chart to help you find your way. You'll need to measure the widest part of your hand / knuckle circumference, while your hand is mooshed. (And yes, mooshed is a word). 

If you're still totally stuck, we recommend that you purchase a regular size bangle. We do offer exchanges if it doesn't fit!

Clasp bangles

Thinking of getting one of our clasp style bangles? Great! The clasp style bangle  eliminates the need for you to base your sizing on your hand. It can be stretched out to fit over wrists instead, woo! It's a regular size (63.7mm) when closed. 

The clasp fits around 80% of people so it is perfect for gifting!

Bangle not available in your size or preferred colour? Consider ordering it as a Custom Bangle!


 I am bloody proud to say this is who I'm not.

I'm not Easy Going.

I'm not Relaxed.

I'm not Spontaneous...

And I don't really like ABBA..or wine...or school pick up

After spending many years being:

Who I thought I should be

Who I thought my partner wanted me to be 

Who I thought my parents wanted me to be

Who I thought a good mother should be

I had a moment. Who actually am I?

Let me be clear.

I wasn't trying to be fake or lying intentionally. I just thought a good person tried to meet everyone's expectations.

The problem with that idea is that you do that for so long and throw in some motherhood (where you kind of disappear for a few years) and all of a are at an ABBA tribute show, drinking Chardonnay with School Mums you met in the car park.

So Heres who I am

I'm an anxious, funny, bossy, kind short girl who refuses to believe she is in her late 40s.

I love my friends but I love my space.

I love my kids but I don't ever want to go to a park ever again. 

I love to help people but have no patience for those who won't help themselves.

I'm kinda shit at asking for help but extremely grateful to anyone who offers.

I love being in a team but only if the leader is amazing...or I am the leader.

I'm great at giving advice because I'm good at reading people, but don't bother giving me any unless I ask for it. If you haven't been where I want to go, how would you know how to get there.

I'm ambitious, hardworking and committed but hopeless at turning off, relaxing and putting anything else in my life first, if I have work to do.

I go out to dance - if there's no dancing, I am not coming.

It's very empowering when you realise who you are.

You say NO to more things, but you also say yes to different things. If asked your opinion you are more inclined to say what you think, but you don't angst if someone disagrees with you. It isn't your job to change anyone mind and you can politely shut down conversations that are BS.

You are less inclined to spend time with people who drain your battery and more proactive about being around people who make you happy.

You are comfortable alone. 

And unapologetic that sometimes that's your preference.

Embrace who you are

What you think

How you feel.

You can do this.

Consider that a directive from a bossy Dancing Queen.